Now available in store at Lowe's, and other select retailers!


  • How do you attach them to your bucket?
    • Once opened, separate the 2 BucketGrips from each other.
      • Attach grips one at a time by hooking the teeth of the grip to the underside lip of your 2, 3, or 5-gallon bucket.
      • Once the teeth have caught the plastic lip of the bucket, gently lift up to lock in place. Be sure to install the second grip directly across from the first grip, having one grip on each side of your bucket.
      • To remove your BucketGrips from your bucket, simply apply pressure on the handles by pushing down on them until they release.
      • Clip them back together for easy storage.


                     Attaching your BucketGrips


    • Where are these made? 
      • BucketGrips are proudly made in the USA!